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Susan Warren, PhD

Championing the Natural World

Susan Warren, PhD

I am a highly experienced practitioner and researcher, with an excellent track record working at both senior executive and board level in the fields of nature conservation, sustainability and community development.

I specialise in combining great communication skills, creative thinking, and the pragmatism of a practitioner, to develop policy, strategy and partnerships, and to create, and raise funds for, new initiatives.

I also have particular academic research expertise in the areas of human behaviour change, and human-animal/nature relationships, and am experienced in diverse approaches to impact and evaluation work.



Currently working with Loch Lomond National Park.


Joyful Nature (Co-Director)

Being connected to nature helps people to feel physically and emotionally healthier.

Having a relationship with nature also leads to people showing greater care for the natural world.

In other words, nature connection is a win-win for us and the planet.

Joyful Nature’s mission  is to help as many people as possible be part of this winning formula by encouraging and supporting easy and accessible ways for people to connect with nature.



My PhD research was at the interface of human behaviour change, human-animal relations and public engagement, within the context of wildlife attractions.

I developed a new emotionally-centred conceptual framework and methodological approach to engaging visitors in wildlife conservation, through securing a relational and compassionate engagement between visitors and animals.


Board Member

Exmoor National Park Authority

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